Monday, November 5, 2007

My passions...

At this time in my life I have some very clear passions...maybe addictions. I have been feeling lately like my passion at the moment may be turning in to an idol. Which I know is so wrong! I used to think that idolatry was something so foreign to me and that I would never have "that' kind of problem. It creeps in on you though. I truly believe that whatever you hunger for more than the Lord is an idol.

Sugar used to be my number one idol. I craved it. I thought about how I would get my next "fix, ie; candy bar, chocolate, sweet" just like a crack addict does. It was bad. It consumed my thoughts, time and money. I would plan my driving route around where I could stop for a sweet. How sad! But I have this under control now (just recently). I try to stay away from sugar as much as I can. I will allow myself some for special occasions, but I don't have it in the house and I am not spending my money on it.

So, what is my current passion (trying not to let it turn in to idolatry :))? It is cloth diapering and natural living products. I have been talking to S lately about wanting to open up a store that is geared toward natural parenting. I think there is such a need for this. I feel such a great desire to convert disposable diaper users in to cloth users. If people only new how easy it is and how much money they could save. It seems so obvious to me. Not to mention how much trash we would save from going in to landfills!

I know a brick and mortar store isn't realistic right now, but maybe an online store would be a possibility. I would like to carry the following...

cloth diapers, covers, liners, inserts, and doublers.
cloth wipes
mama pads and diva cups
wool longies, shorties and wool care supplies
soft sole shoes for kids
Klean Kanteens/stainless steel cups
slings and baby carriers
mama made soap and candles
cloth shopping bags and net produce bags
wood toys
essential oils
cloth toys, books and blocks
felt food for kid's play
organic bedding and wool puddle pads
oh, I could go on and on...I love this stuff!:)

As much as I love real estate and selling passion is helping people save money and helping them figure out ways to live on as little as possible. I love simple living. Right now I don't live as simply as I would like, but I am trying to get there.


Jen said...

I see that I am going to have to learn how to knit/crochet very soon.

Nicole said...

Yeah that will have to be you! I just can't get the hang of it.