Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The J.O.Y of Christmas...

So I just realized that Christmas is only nine weeks away! Yay, it will be so fun this year with the boys. All the new traditions that we get to create and pass on to them! What a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about so much...during the holidays. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas time. The traditions, being with family, the smells, when my mom puts a fire in the fireplace, Christmas eve service, Christmas carols, having a full belly...wow, I'm blessed! Okay, so back to October...it's not even Halloween yet and I just ran away to Christmas! Anyway, the reason for this post is to pass on something lovely that I read on, of course, diaperswappers the other day.

A mom posted (in a thread about saving money at Christmas time) that her and her husband taught their children about the J.O.Y of Christmas. They get three gifts (as Jesus did from the wisemen) one for J-Jesus (a Bible, devotional, cross, etc.), one for O-Others (something that they can do with others ie; board game, etc.) and one for Y-Yourself (a personal gift for them to enjoy). Is this a cool idea or what? I had heard about the three gift idea before...but I love this JOY idea. I think we will try and implement this with the boys. I hope some of you find this as wonderful as I do...maybe we can help our children find the true meaning of Christmas.

I just want to say a few more things as we move in to the holiday shopping season. Our family decided about two years ago to stop buying gifts for the adults in the family. Do you know what a relief this has been to everyone involved. No more racking our brains trying to buy the perfect gift for someone who has everything that they need anyway. It has taken so much stress out of the holidays. It saves us money, time & energy...what a lovely thing. But I think reducing the amount of gifts that you give and instead focusing on spending time with each other is such a blessing. So take the step, it can be uncomfortable, but ask your loved one to agree with you this season to have dinner together, or go some where special together, instead of exchanging gifts. Most people are truly relieved and it makes the holidays so much more enjoyable!


Jen said...

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree. This is one of the best things we've done it a long time....although getting gifts for people did force us to get family pictures taken. We should probably keep doing that.

Besides, it is even nicer when for no reason at all somebody says, hey - I heard you say you needed this and I found it at the thrift shop so here ya go. I like the outta the blue gifts instead of the "scheduled" ones....they seem much more genuine.

Nicole said...

I so agree! I do not enjoy buying a gift for someone because I have to...having no idea what to get them...and feeling pressured to find something that they'll like. I like buying gifts with a purpose...something I know someone will like and that I have chosen just for them.

The "family picture" thing is a whole different story!