Thursday, November 15, 2007


Our church did a 40 day fast a few months ago. I decided to fast sugar and the radio, while driving in the car. At that time, those were the two things that I thought would give me the most pain if I had to do without them. Sugar, obviously for anyone who knows me, has always been an issue for me. The radio...well, I love talk radio and I almost always have it on in the car. My husband is appalled by the fact that our sons are bombarded constantly with the ideas and opinions of Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

So, anyway, today I was thinking about what I need to fast right now. What is consuming me and would cause me great pain to do without and's the computer. As I posted before, it has become somewhat, okay a major, addiction. I love trading with mamas on diaperswappers and I love finding great deals on things. I need nothing! So, why am I doing this? I have a very addictive personality I have found in the recent years. Like my mom said the other day...wasn't it a coupon site I was addicted to about a year ago. I'm not sure why I am like this...but I don't like it! I don't want to be so obsessed with things that take up so much of my time.

My answer to this is to cut my computer time down to 30 minutes, three times a day. In the morning, at noon and in the evening I will spend 30 minutes checking email, etc. Other than that, I will work on others things, that are much more important in life! When I fasted before, I found that I spent more time writing, reading the Bible and just having quiet time to think. That is what I be refreshed, renewed and inspired. I don't think the computer can do any of those things.

Live well...

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Maggie said...

I have thought about putting some limits on my internet time to and I know I should but I really enjoy it, deals, coupons, blogs, everything. It can be tough.