Saturday, June 28, 2008


Just a note of what I find to be amazing about being a mother.
  • the words "ma, ma"
  • "love you, see you in a little bit, will you come check on me?" said by my five year old (every night) at bedtime
  • watching my boys hug on each other and walking together holding hands
  • my 20 month old hugging my five year old when the older one gets hurt and cries
  • the bond that breastfeeding a baby creates
  • my oldest when he sucked his thumb and had to have his favorite blankie (at five he still wants his blankie at times)
  • my youngest walking around looking for his bunny (he calls for him saying "munny, munny"
  • ornery grins while in time out
  • making me laugh when I am desperately trying to discipline ( I so did this to my mom!)
  • praying with them when we hear an ambulance/fire truck/police car (my mom did this with us)
  • my oldest asking Jesus in to his heart at three
  • my oldest telling me that I am pretty or that my outfit looks beautiful
  • wearing my baby in my sling...and watching him fall asleep
  • getting kisses, hugs and giving back rides
  • watching my oldest learn to ride without training wheels
  • listening to my oldest thank the Lord for the animals and all creation (his words)
  • watching the boys light up when they see their grandparents (and knowing that we are so blessed to have such wonderful parents)
  • watching them clap their hands and sing songs
  • having my five year old tell me that he never wants be a husband or have any "junky kids"
  • watching them interact with other children
Oh, I could go on and on. They are such blessings. Some days I think I am going to lose my mind. Most days I have to remind myself that I am the adult and that I will not let a five and almost two year old control my emotions. They are amazing little boys and I am so glad that they are ours. Motherhood is a huge responsiibility...but I am glad that I was given the opportunity.

I would love to hear your thoughts, tips, stories or struggles with motherhood or parenting. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call to action

The Community Blood Center in Dayton has a major shortage of blood right now, with only a one day supply...pretty scary! If you are healthy and able to donate, please help. It is really no big deal, only take about 20-30 min. total (all of the questions are computerized now) and you get free cookies! You can make an appointment here

One more call to action. Please consider signing the American Solution's petition to ask the U.S. congress to act immediately to lower gasoline prices. You can sign the petition here Please take a few seconds to fill in your information and to pass it on to others.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!

The Art of Non-Conformity

This week I came across a really inspiring man who shares a lot of wisdom on his blog called which you can find here... Yesterday he added to his blog a manifesto called A Brief Guide to World Domination which you can read here Wow, he had my mind spinning last night about how I can be remarkable, what my purpose is, what I can offer the world that no one else can and what my perfect day would look like.

I came across Chris Guillebeau when I was at Leo's blog Zen Habits, which you can find here He posts so many wonderful ideas on simple living. These two men offer so many intersting topis and tips for adding peace, simplicity and meaning to your life. Check them out! Then let me know how they have inspired you.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saving on gas....wish I could bike!

So we live in the country and are two miles from the closest town. Plus I have a five and an almost two year old boy. I so wish we lived in a village/city where we could walk/bike to the grocery store, library, credit union and park. That is my dream. To live on acreage in Yellow Springs. That would be the life!

I have been really working hard to minimize our trips to the city to cut down on my gas fill ups. I am still spending over $250 a month on gas...what a waste! It is times like these when I feel like being in the country can make life more difficult, than simple (as we so often think of country life).
Any ideas on what you do to use less gas and save on making trips for the daily chores/errands, etc.? I would love to hear your ideas and what has saved you time and money.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So today I took a seminar called "Websiteology" (you can find more info on the class here given by a local advertising agency to help in understanding the online web more and how to use it to grow my business. I am so excited to implement everything that I learned today. I already opened a gmail account (as I plan to phase out my Yahoo account) and switched to Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (except for when I need to use the MLS for real estate) for my browser. I also registered at LinkedIn to hopefully meet up with others in the real estate field. Have any of you used any of these sites? Any stories to share?