Friday, October 5, 2007

Saving for a rainy day

My four year old found a dime in the parking lot at the grocery store the other day. Immediately he wanted to know what he could buy with that ten cents. I told him I thought he should put it in his new bank (my dad just got him this really cool oil filter bank) and save it. He only sees the blow pops he could buy with it! I'm trying to teach him about giving some, saving some and spending some. That is a huge concept for a four year old to grasp!

Being in real estate has been such an eye opener in regards to saving for a rainy day. I could have three closings this month, and then no closings for two months. You just never know. I live by God's grace, working hard (and also by having an over-achieving husband who works six days a week) and knowing that He will take care of us. When I was first in the business ( I have been in ten years), I would have my commission check spent before I even had my closing. Sometimes my expected closing was delayed, or didn't happen at all, but that credit card bill was still due. I now live by what I have in my hand and do not spend beyond what I already have.

Saving for a rainy day frees you of so much worry. You know that if an unexpected expense comes up, things will be fine. It frees you to think about other things and to enjoy a peace in your life. Without that safety net, life can be overwhelming. For many years we lived way above our means, and had nothing saved. It was a very uneasy way of living. I felt very insecure and worried. I would rather give up the little things, and even some big things, to have an emergency fund. The peace of mind that it offers is worth a lot more to me than the short-lived happy feelings that the other item would bring.

Saving can seem painful at times, but it is so worth it in the long run!

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