Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Today I feel especially thankful for the faithful friends in my life. I feel blessed to have many people in my life that love and support me...and what a blessing they are! I'm thankful for genuine, trusting, honest people who share their lives with me. I got to see an old friend the other day and it took me back many years. To a younger me, who was really influenced by how they treated me. People can have a huge impact on us. How they treat us, and make us feel. How they talk to us and respect us. This makes you feel important and respected, loved and cherished. I feel blessed to have been surrounded by people in my life that love me and have nurtured me. Most of who I am today is based on relationships that I have been involved in, in the past.

These thoughts made me overly aware that my boys are being molded in to the men they will be later in life, now. I heard someone say the other day that parents need to be the people that they want their kids to be. Whether I am ready or not, I am helping to form my boys image of themselves, their trust in others, their work ethic, outlook on life, regard for others, ability to handle money, ability to trust in God, etc. I have a huge job!

But what an opportunity! To know that we have the ability to love others fully and to help them to feel cherished and appreciated, respected and adored. I felt that way as a child. I am so thankful for people in my life that took the time to play with me, love on me, talk to me, listen to me, and treat me like I was the only person in the room. That may sound snobby, but I think we need that at be made to feel like we are the only person in the room...or on the earth for that matter. Everyone wants to feel special and loved...even boys and men, I don't care what they say! :)

So let's spread the love, invest in each other and cherish one another! Oh, what fun!

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