Sunday, September 2, 2007

Plastic bags???

Do these things breed in your home too? I'm telling you at one point I thought they were actually breeding in my house. You know those small plastic shopping bags they give you at every store you buy from? You can only have so many around the house for trash can bags, know what I mean? So, I had my mom make me a really cool shopping bag from old jeans and I use that and two other totes that I have to shop with. Most grocery stores here in the Dayton area give you a $.05 bag credit when you shop with your own bags. I like it because I can put so much more in my cloth bags, so it makes it much easier to brings things in after shopping. Also, I am going to start using a lingerie bag for my produce bag. I no loner use those annoying plastic produce bags that you put your fruits & veggies in. Those things are worthless...what a waste! You can't even use them for trash bags! So I read on a blog the other day about making net bags for your produce (with a drawstring) but then a poster at said that she just uses her laundry lingerie bag as it already has a zipper on it! What a great idea! The cashiers will no longer be honked off at me for my rolling-around peaches!

Anyway, I am at a point where I am trying to bring in as little plastic as possible to our home. So I am thinking about how to reduce my plastic bag intake. We now only use one of these plastic bags as our kitchen trash bag. No big trash bags (unless we have a party/gathering or something). It goes in a small can under the sink. We have so little trash between composting, recycling and stuff for the burn pile, that we no longer need a big trash bag. We get maybe one large bag of trash a week. Plus, I like having a smaller bag. It gets taken out to the outside can more frequently so that cuts down on any odors inside.

It is so against the norm of our culture today to take time to focus on these little things that seem to be frivolous...but reducing the intake of these bags can make a difference. Even if you don't want to shop with cloth, maybe start to ask for paper bags. At least they are biodegradable!

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