Sunday, September 2, 2007

Buying from people you know, locally & SAHMs

Just a post to say that buying locally, supporting people you know and "SAHMs" (stay at home moms) is a wonderful thing. I would much rather buy from someone I know, support my local community, or buy from a mom trying to make money to support her family than shop from a big box store. So check out for homemade Christmas gifts this year. My friend Jessica makes really cool baby,kids & mom items and you can see them here . My friend Gretchen at Small Wonder Wipes makes the most luxorious cloth baby wipes ever. Go to your local farmer's market while you still can. Post what you want to buy on Craigslist. Let's support our fellow man before big business and have fun doing it. Let's be creative with our dollars instead of just running to Walmart or the Dollar Store because stuff is cheap there. Enjoy!

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