Saturday, September 8, 2007

Classic clothes

While getting dressed this morning, I thought about my clothes and how simple my wardrobe is. I have about 8 black tops, one pair of jean capris, two pair of blue jeans, one pair of khakis, one pair of black dress pants, one pair of gray jeans, misc. cotton tops, three dress tops, one pair of khaki shorts & a black linen dress. That is my wardrobe, adding in about six sweaters for winter and two pair of winter dress pants (blue and gray). Wow, does it make life easy to have a closet full of classic items that all pretty much go together.

I try to buy clothes that you can wash at home, as I think drycleaning is unsafe (all those chemicals!) and way too expensive! The only thing that I have that has to be drycleaned is my black linen dress, and I just wear it for business appts. or special occasions, so it doesn't get dirty very often.

Needless to say, I do have sweats, lounge pants and misc. shorts/tops for working around the house in. I think it makes life easier to have a classic wardrobe and to stay away from all of the trendy clothes out there. It saves space, time, & money...and for me classics just make life easier!

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