Wednesday, August 22, 2007

waste not, want not

In today's disposable society...where it seems everything is disposable from cameras, to individually wrapped snacks, to paper towels, to juice boxes ( I hate these things)...I am trying to live a life with as little waste as possible. The world would have so much less trash if we all made an effort in this area. I think we just get so used to what everyone else is doing that we don't even think through the impact that we are having on our world. It amazes me...but for years I did it I understand why people do what they do.

So I would like to share with you some of the changes that we have made in our house in this regard. I would love to hear your ideas and changes that you have made in this area too. So please post comments! First off we are almost totally cloth in our home. By almost totally I mean I haven't been able to convince my husband to go toilet paper free...but if I had my way we would be (let me know if you have questions about how to do this). So, what does almost totally cloth mean? Cloth napkins (not paper), no paper towels ( I use newspaper for greasy food to rest on), cloth menstrual pads (no tampons, maxi pads, etc.), cloth wipes for E's bottom (no huggies here), cloth wipes for runny noses (no Kleenex), and cloth diapers ( no sposies).

Another change is we try and recycle or burn anything everything that we can.

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