Thursday, August 9, 2007

Toilets vs. T.V.

So, I don't know about you, but my energy peaks in the morning and stays steady until about 3 or 4pm. Then, I just want to veg out. When my husband gets home at 5/5:30 we eat dinner, hang out with boys and then relax for the evening, unless we have other plans. It's all I can do to get the dishes done after dinner. I am just worn out at the end of the day (well I guess that isn't really the end of the day, since we usually don't go to bed until 11 or so.).

Well, the other evening I was sitting in front of the t.v. with S, watching some show that I could care less about and that I knew I wouldn't remember anything about the next day, thinking I should be cleaning the two bathrooms upstairs. But I just couldn't get the motivation to get off of the couch. When my little ones hit the hay for the night...I want "me" time. I want nothing required of me, no responsibilities, I want to soak in the silence and get some much loved R&R. But I had this nagging conviction to get those toilets cleaned. So I'm thinking, toilets/t.v.. toilets/t.v., toilets/t.v. and well, the t.v. won.

I'm not sure why, because most of the time when I watch t.v. (except for Grey's Anatomy-the only show that I faithfully watch-when it isn't reruns) I think to myself "is this really worth my time?, will I even remember what I watched tomorrow?, does any of this really matter?". It perplexes me that I can just sit numb in front it and let time just slip by. It is an easy fix for letting your brain relax, I guess. Well, it seems at the time it is relaxing, because I'm not thinking about anything, but with some of the images on today, and depending on the definitely can have an affect. The 'ole saying "junk in, junk out". I think I just get desensitized over time to the advertising, violence, disrespect, and subliminal messages that I am taking in.

Turning it off in the day, is no problem, as I don't want my children watching it all day. So we rarely have it on except for a cartoon (PBS) here and there. But at night...if S and I are both tired and not motivated...the habit kicks in. I should just go to bed and get some extra sleep, but I would feel bad for leaving S By himself, as he has been gone at work all day. Evenings are when we spend most of our time together. Anyway, at times I would like to just pitch the t.v. and be free of it. But then it is nice to watch movies at home, and I would miss Grey's, S would miss football, I would miss Jack Hannah and E...well he just hits the thing, he doesn't have a favorite show yet.

So, what is the answer...I'm not sure. Balance I guess, like most everything else in this life. Glorious balance...I should just take the 10 minutes to clean the toilets, get it off my mind, and then go veg. But usually it just gets put on tomorrow's "to do" list and I start my energy cycle over again!


Jen said...

You keep a great balance. It sometimes may not seem so by your own standards; but when I look around at the world at large, you are wonderful example.

You home is calm and peaceful (even when the baby is screaming and the little man is growling). There is a peace in your little haven that mom and I are grateful to be a part of.

Nicole said...

Thank you. Our home truly is our sanctuary and I hope that the boys and S always feel at peace here...well and anyone who comes in to our home for that matter.

Qtpies7 said...

LOL You are not in bed at 3:30am! Were you up scrubbing that toilette? Nope, you were on Diaper Swappers! LOL What am I doing up? I'm cleaning my hiney off and taking breaks on the computer.

I would love to learn more about cleaning with essential oils, and I am going to give the dish washer detergent a try. I did try using just baking soda, and it worked awesome for about 3 loads. then it was back to dirty dishes. I just bought Borax today for the first time!
Thanks for sharing your blog with me!