Saturday, August 4, 2007

Letting others control our time

So an incident the other got me thinking about how other people can control your time if you let them. I was focused and working on some prospecting calls for work when I got a call to see a property (I am a Realtor) and immediately I began trying to reconfigure my day to meet the needs of this buyer. Yes, this is pretty typical in my business, but I am usually pretty good about maintaining my schedule and working clients in to fit what I already have planned. So I begin rushing around, getting impatient with the boys, taking my focus off of the task that I was focused on and so on. Then it got me thinking...why am I letting someone else control my schedule? Why am I freaking out to make things work for this person because they are in a hurry? I guess this is one of things that goes along with my line of work...but it got me thinking big picture.

We can in life react to situations and make ourselves miserable due to the emergencies that other's create from their lack of planning, the need for immediate gratification, selfishness, etc. Part of being a good steward , in my opinion, is using my time wisely, planning, having a peaceful life that isn't all jumpy and last minute with things. I am definitely a person who appreciates a plan and knowing what my schedule will look like for this day, this week, even this month. I don't like feeling rushed and unorganized. I understand that at times it is good to be spontaneous and go by the seat of your pants. But I think if you are like that most of the time it leads to chaos, overspending, overconsumption, and so many other feelings/actions that do not result in joy or good stewardship.

One thing that drives me wild, but I am not sure really how to manage is when people are late. To me, tardiness is one of the most selfish actions you can take. It shows that the person thinks that their time is more valuable than the others, that their lack of planning is acceptable and that they find is acceptable to ask others to waste their time waiting on them. With clients, I have a 15 minute rule. I wait for 15 minutes after our scheduled appointment time, call them, if they do not answer, I leave. I refuse to wait and wait on people and waste my time. With friends and family, it can be a bit trickier. Fortunately most of my friends and family don't have tardiness issues! I guess my way of managing it would be to quit making plans with the person. Obviously if a person doesn't value your time, they are self absorbed, and who wants to spend time with someone who is self absorbed? Gosh, putting this in writing is making me so much more accountable for being on time!!

The other thing I was thinking of is the social aspect of a woman's life today. Lately I have felt quite a bit of pressure to be social, get the kids with other kids, do things, make the summer "count". Why is it that we do things for the sake of looking good to our peers? Why is it that we let other people teach us how to spend our time, money, and resources? I want to stand up and yell at the top of my lungs for everyone to hear " I LOVE MY SIMPLE LIFE, I DON'T NEED ACTIVITIES TO FILL MY TIME, I DON'T NEED TO SHOP, SPEND MONEY OR GO PLACES...I AM CONTENT, I HAVE THE JOY OF THE LORD, I AM AT PEACE...AND BY THE WAY, CONSUMERISM AND ALL THIS RUNNING AROUND...SUCKS!!!" Okay, that was my, it felt good! I really am quite content to be at home, clean the house, take care of the boys and S, tend to my garden, watch little tv, go few places, spend $40 a week on groceries...make creatove homemade meals with what we have, make my own bread, eat until the cupboards are bare, by used clothes, rarely eat out, save money knowing that the house will be paid off early, hang clothes on the line to dry, and enjoy a peaceful life. Life is good, I am blessed...and I will continue to work on not letting others control my time.

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