Thursday, June 19, 2008


So today I took a seminar called "Websiteology" (you can find more info on the class here given by a local advertising agency to help in understanding the online web more and how to use it to grow my business. I am so excited to implement everything that I learned today. I already opened a gmail account (as I plan to phase out my Yahoo account) and switched to Firefox instead of Internet Explorer (except for when I need to use the MLS for real estate) for my browser. I also registered at LinkedIn to hopefully meet up with others in the real estate field. Have any of you used any of these sites? Any stories to share?


Jen said...

I love my gmail account. It's much easier to keep track of a single conversation. Firefox is fantastic. Most of the viruses out there are set up for Internet Explorer and so Firefox is a much better choice. I've had no spyware since switching. LinkedIn is cool. It makes it really easy to hook up with people you've worked with in the past. I just got "linked" with somebody from back in the day at Walsworth. It's very cool. MySpace is still really cool too. I just got a friend request last night from SHANE JOHNSON! Can you believe that - Shane, from church camp. wow. It's a great way to hook up with people from the past.

Nicole said...

I cannot believe how much I love gmail and it is so much more organized. I have had so much less spam and I do like how it keeps the conversation as one. Those google guys are amazing!

Shane Johnson, what a blast from the past! I just can't seem to get myself in to the whole MySpace world. Although it is very cool to catch up with people from your past...well some of the time!:)