Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saving on gas....wish I could bike!

So we live in the country and are two miles from the closest town. Plus I have a five and an almost two year old boy. I so wish we lived in a village/city where we could walk/bike to the grocery store, library, credit union and park. That is my dream. To live on acreage in Yellow Springs. That would be the life!

I have been really working hard to minimize our trips to the city to cut down on my gas fill ups. I am still spending over $250 a month on gas...what a waste! It is times like these when I feel like being in the country can make life more difficult, than simple (as we so often think of country life).
Any ideas on what you do to use less gas and save on making trips for the daily chores/errands, etc.? I would love to hear your ideas and what has saved you time and money.


Jen said...

If there is actually a way to save money that YOU haven't already thought of...I'm certainly not going to think of it. :)

Nicole said...

Jen, I don't know about that. Unfortunately I am somewhat obsessed with being cheap.:)