Monday, August 11, 2008

Finding contentment at home

I am trying to find contentment at home. I love our home. I say home, instead of house, because our home is a home. It is so much more than a house. Our house could use some updating and isn't everything that I would like it to be...but we have made it a home. I feel completely relaxed when I am home. I like finding things to do, taking walks with my boys, spending time with my husband at night while the boys are sleeping, sewing, and sometimes just sitting in the quiet.

But there are days when being at home with a five and almost two year old feels suffocating. I find that I want to leave to keep my sanity. Why is that? I feel like a trapped monkey at times. I guess running around seems easier at the time. Then we get out to run errands, go to the park, etc. and I think..."what was I thinking?". This is not easier! We end up eating out, I end up frustrated, the little one doesn't get a nap, and I don't even like driving. What was I thinking?

This realization has given me the opportunity to try and find contentment at home. Yes, sometimes that means letting them watch television midday (we usually do not have the tv on during the day), or it means me having a nap when they do. Staying home is so much easier and saves so many resources (gas, money, energy-to name a few). It just doesn't seem as fun at the time that I am searching for an escape.

So what do you do to find contentment at home? What are your ideas for bringing relaxation in to the sometimes hectic days? Thanks for sharing!

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Jen said...

Sometimes my home is my safe place...a place of quiet and security. Other times, it is a constant reminder that I am "alone." As far as finding contentment there...I'm already there most of the time. Your home is so warm, I doubt anyone could improve on what you've already done. I know it's loud with 2 little ones, but let me assure you, the quiet can be just as loud.